Digging Up Dreams


This time last year, my dreams seemed dead and buried.  I’ve been working full-time for a non-profit and, though it’s something I’m good at and generally enjoy, it issn’t what I’ve been working for since I was 12.

I’ve known pretty much my entire life that I wanted to make music.  Even when my dad would tell me I was going to be a doctor so I could fix his heart when Alejandro Villanueva Authentic Jersey it broke (cute, I know), my dreams remained.  Even when everyone told me that I need to focus on finishing my engineering degree instead of packing up and moving to LA, my dreams remained.

So, it was an odd thing last year, when I realized my guitar was hanging lifeless on my wall, having been untouched for months.  I had a few melodies and lyrics saved in my phone that popped into my head in the shower or in line at the grocery store but, if I’m being honest, they were just taking up space.  It’s not as though I was doing anything with them. The days of writing 30 songs in 30 days were long gone.

If I’m being honest, I had finally succumb to my fear of failure.  It’s something I’ve battled with most of my life. I’ve been a perfectionist for as long as I can remember. In school, rather than turn in my tests early, I would sit with them until the last possible moment, going over and over each and every answer, to ensure I hadn’t missed anything. And that proved great for my GPA and SAT scores. In the world of music, this dream I’d been harboring for even longer, however, it’s damn near crippling.

Fast forward to September 24, 2015.  That’s the day my dreams were shocked back to life.  At 2:59am, my son entered the world and I became a completely different person.  All of the confidence, determination and resolve I had lost came flooding back to me in the first few moments of his life. I realized, almost instantly, that the best thing I could do to encourage my son to follow his wildest dreams was to follow mine.  I could never be Alejandro Villanueva Womens Jersey honest with him about the value of relentlessly pursuing your dreams if I couldn’t follow my own advice. He would never believe me when I said it would Alejandro Villanueva Youth Jersey all be worth it if I was able to give up so easily.

And so, the day my son was born, I found myself burying my fears and digging up dreams.