Finding the Magic


A few years ago my husband and I bought a truck to pull our 5th wheel camper.  It was a bit of an older truck and needed some work done: specifically, the O2 and speed sensors needed to be replaced. One evening, my husband came home and, after learning I had replaced the parts that afternoon, the following exchange ensued:

Mr. LRF: “You’re just good at everything aren’t you?”

Me: “Hardly. I just don’t do things I’m no good at.”

I was thinking about this exchange today. It used to be a point of pride for me; if I did something, I did it reasonably well. All of my hobbies and interests were things I had a relatively adequate understanding of or ability for. But in thinking about what that really meant, I started to feel a little disappointed.

How many opportunities or experiences was I allowing myself to miss out on because I “don’t do things I’m not good at?” I’ve always thought of myself as someone who was rather open-minded; among other things, I’ve always identified as a free spirit (totally cliche, I know). But I realized that this may have been an area of my life I was overlooking. Lifestyles, cultures, ideologies: these are all areas where my inclination for adventure manifests itself easily. But in matters of personal pursuit, it’s been a completely different story.

I’m completely unwilling to be bad at things.

So, in an effort to address this unexamined part of my life, I’ve decided to make a commitment to myself. This year will be the year of making myself uncomfortable. I’m going to consciously seek out opportunities that lie well outside my comfort zone; I’m going to relish in being bad at things in the hopes of exploring new facets of life that have, until now, evaded me.


What does that look like in my life, though?  I’ve narrowed it down to these three things:

  1. Writing one song a month in a different genre. I love folk/soul and adult alternative. It’s what comes naturally, what’s easiest for me.  However, I’d love to get to the point where I’m not just writing songs for myself but for other artists as well. Being able to write well in other Alejandro Villanueva Kids Jersey genres is a sure-fire way T.J. Watt Jersey to increase the number of opportunities available to me and may even reveal new areas of interest or sounds to incorporate in my personal projects.
  2. Finding a new hobby, specifically something I’m terrible at. I love design and visual art; I marvel at those people who can create pencil sketches that jump off the page or portrait art that’s so life-like you’d swear you were looking at a picture.  I have no delusions that I’ll ever be great at it but sometimes it’s not about becoming an expert. Some things are worth our time simply because they’re enjoyable.
  3. Focus on relationship building. I am incredibly introverted by nature. Though I’m no longer socially awkward and can engage with relative ease in social situations, they prove to be quite draining on my energy and I generally need time to myself immediately thereafter to recharge. When I play shows, I have to mentally prepare for my time opening and engaging with the audience and withdraw into myself afterward. As a result, my relationships outside of my family (they get it) tend to suffer. Do to the fact that being a performing musician forces me to engage on a regular basis, I don’t make an effort to do so outside of that realm. It’s uncomfortable. But I know that my neglect of my other professional and personal relationships surely has had a negative impact on my life and I’m determined to turn that around this year.

In the last few years, I’ve become much T.J. Watt Authentic Jersey more comfortable with myself than I’ve ever been; it’s one of my most treasured achievements. But just because I’m finally enjoying who I am, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t spend some time exploring the outer reaches of that self, in an effort to find some heretofore untapped well of enjoyment.  I’m interested in what these unexamined aspects of my life may turn up and excited about exercising some metaphorical muscles I’ve let languish up until now.

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